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Tales of Tunivar

A thief and a mercenary get more than they bargained for when they try to steal from a sorceress but instead show her the magic of friendship...or at least Speechcraft.


Tales of Tunivar began 20 years ago when two childhood friends trespassed onto a Farmer's land, where they discovered a place their imaginations could come alive. They named this place "Linadell," and although they spent years jumping the Farmer's barbed wire fence to visit, the Farmer never discovered their play-haven.


Twenty years later, Audrey became a writer and Emily became an actress. Tales of Tunivar is the the embodiment of their humor, their imagination, and the many years they spent visiting Linadell. When it came time to film it, they knew just the place...after 20 years, it was time to confess their trespassing sins to the Farmer.

Much to their surprise, the Farmer's gruff exterior concealed a tender heart, and he was delighted to hear of their adventures on his land. Steve, the Farmer, was a kindred spirit, and he gladly granted their request. Thus, it was in their childhood land of Linadell that Tales of Tunivar was filmed.


Meet the Team


David Nobles

Film has been my first love ever since the beginning of high school. Being homeschooled in Georgia (go figure) gave the bandwidth and space to be able to dream and create independently. On the day that tuition was due for community college, I declined with my parents' full support and began to work and create for a living. It's been difficult, but highly rewarding at every stop in my journey. Film now is my passion, my calling, and my life. I love cinema and all it continues to surprise me with. I'm forever a student of the greats, Tarkovsky, Kubrick, Bergman, and many more. I'm working toward more shorts, in the directing and producing, and am still, after many years, writing a feature film I hope to direct one day.



Audrey Milum

Audrey Milum, a lifelong wordsmith, embarked on her creative journey from the moment she could pick up a pen. Her literary endeavors include a collection of poems, songs, and she's now on the brink of completing her debut fantasy novel. She has written part one of an enchanting children's series dedicated to her nieces and nephew who inspired the characters. Wanting to showcase the talents of her actor friends, Audrey set out to create roles that would illuminate their acting chops, crafting the mesmerizing world of Tunivar. She and her collaborator, Emily Dunlop, have written five episodes for a forthcoming three-season series.

Beyond her passion for storytelling, Audrey enjoys music, reading and spending time with her family.

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Emily Dunlop

Emily has been working as a professional actress in Atlanta since 2010. Tales of Tunivar started as a way to fill the holes in her body of work and soon became a foray into the world of producing and writing. Within 8 weeks, Emily took Tales of Tunivar from page to set and 10 months later is pitching it to producers and submitting to film festivals. In the past 12 months, Emily has written two feature films, five episodes for Tunivar the series, and is outlining a third feature. Her most notable acting credits include Cobra Kai, Woke, Stargirl, Doom Patrol, Surprised by Oxford and She Watches Blindly. She splits her time between Northern Ireland and Atlanta, GA.


Luke Davis

Luke began acting in Middle School.  Being able to perform and entertain others is a passion for him.  He has been involved with Jerry’s Habima Theater (at the MJCCA) since 2008.  It’s a musical theater production every year for special needs adults.  He usually has one of the lead roles.  He has been in a short film That Was Awesome (Dad’s Garage Theater) and also is in a 4 part web series Swampy Meadows. In 2021 he landed a small role in a sci-fi movie I’ll be Watching.  He has a lead role in How to Ruin the Holidays which will be out later this year. 



Nicole Britton

Born in Oklahoma, raised in Kansas, Texas, and Colorado, Nicole was born to perform. After the BFA program at CU-Boulder, she lived in NYC to continue learning at Playwright's Horizons Theater School Conservatory Program. She worked with award-winning theatre companies such as Ensemble Studio Theatre and Blue Light Theater Company before heading to the west coast.

In LA, Nicole worked as an actor on stage, camera, and even as a stilt walker. She also plays the ukulele/piano/mandolin/guitar/egg shaker and sing/dance/juggle - not all at the same time. She was the lead singer in a rock band called Scientific Lifestyle and, to this day, co-write for music placement projects. 

Nicole currently resides just south of Atlanta, GA. When she's not on set or in her VO booth, she enjoys spending time with her family and farm.  

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